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Our mission is to gather resources that will help you discover and support KAG/America First candidates.

KAGInfo.org is in its infancy. Over time, we expect to include numerous types of resources/content.
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KAGInfo.org data collection, distribution and operating policies.
KAGInfo.org/RedAwaken2020 Candidate Information
Researching, supporting and voting for KAG/America First candidates is the only way to drain the legislative swamp. The KAG/RedAwaken2020 Candidates page is a great starting point.
KAG/America First Pledge
We want to know about you. Transparency is crucial. We need to know where you stand.
Election Integrity
#ElectionIntegrity isn't a partisan issue, it's core to proper functioning of our Republic and every American should be concerned.
Reference/Research Links
Senate.gov: Directory
  Roll Call Votes
House.gov: Directory
  Roll Call Votes
FEC.gov: Home
   National Association of Secretaries of State
   Voting information, including a polling place locator
   Detailed candidate information
   Election and incumbent information
The Green Papers 2020 Elections
   Election and candidate information
   Campaign finance information

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