KAGInfo.org - KAG/America First Pledge
Negative campaigning has ruled for what feels like decades. How well has that worked? We voted AGAINST too many candidates. It's time to vote FOR our representatives, representatives with a KAG/America First agenda.

The Sample Pledge Form linked below is an example of the topics we're looking for.
Please take a look. If you like the concept, ask candidates to participate.

We want to know about you. Transparency is crucial. We need to know where you stand on issues we feel are important.
Using your favorite format(s), you can submit the information we citizens/voters need. That content can be anything linkable, i.e.: a video, a podcast, a web page. If you want to submit pdf content, kaginfo.org will house and present that content for you. When "Pledge" content is identified, that content will be linked in the "Pledge" column of the candidates page, identified by a icon. If you've identified one "Pledge" link/entry, it opens immediately. If you have more than one link/entry identified, the KAG Pledge page (including content titles and descriptions) is presented to the user.

A KAG/America First Pledge isn't intended to be legally binding, but will eliminate any/all confusion if candidates deviate and we don't reelect.

Sample Pledge Form
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Please email: kaginfo.org@gmail.com