KAGInfo.org - Policies
  • KAGInfo.org is personally owned. It is not affiliated with any company, political campaign or political party.
  • In the future, if external agreements are created; a new Policies document will be published and identified on the KAGInfo.org home page.

KAGInfo.org Data
  • KAGInfo.org has been built from external sources, candidate and visitor input.
  • KAGInfo.org data is for personal use only, commercial use of KAGInfo.org data is not authorized/approved/endorsed.

Data Privacy
  • KAGInfo.org will never sell or distribute any visitor's personal data.
  • As KAGInfo.org functionality is expanded, if personal information is required to implement said functionality, visitors will be able to opt-out of the functionality.
  • KAGInfo.org utilizes cookies for user experience purposes; preferences, settings, etc.
  • KAGInfo.org site utilization and performance metrics are collected. This data includes the visitor's: public IP address, operating system and web browser "User Agent" information.
    Note: User Agent information identifies which browser you're running and in many cases, the functionality available within that browser.

Income Streams
  • KAGInfo.org is not a for-profit endeavour. It was created to help KAG/America First Americans locate candidates worthy of their support and vote, not to generate profits.
  • KAGInfo.org receives no external funds and is not affiliated with any company, campaign or political party.
  • Operating expenses are currently minimal and funded by the founders. The goal is to never display advertising, solicit donations or acquire sponsors. It's possible, at some point, that operating expenses and legal requirements/needs could change that stance. If that happens, any income streams implemented will result in NO external input/influence into the operation of KAGInfo.org.

Please email: kaginfo.org@gmail.com

Version History
Version Date Description
1 10/15/2019 * Version 1 Released