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Draining the legislative swamp is OUR responsibility!
If we want real, long lasting change we need viable KAG/America First candidates running for every seat and elected to a majority. Support, especially financial, is of the utmost importance. KAG/America First candidates need our help battling a variety of well funded opponents. We CAN NOT rely on the GOP to find/fund the candidates we need and not all GOP candidates are KAG/America First!

KAG Pledge
Candidates, We want to know about you! Transparency is crucial. We need to know where you stand.
Please cosnider submitting Pledge content/links. Find out more here

How is our candidate data compiled?
KAGInfo.org lists Republican candidates that have an FEC ID and a web presence. If you are, or know of a candidate that meets this criteria and isn't listed, please let us know. Candidates presenting anti-Trump content are intentionally excluded. We'd like to here about any of those also, if found.

RedAwaken2020 Vetting
The RedAwaken2020 group is (and has been) working hard, vetting candidates. That RedAwaken2020 research is identified in the "RA2020 Vetted" column with a icon.

Please Note:
This information is being provided as a tool to help you locate and support candidates. It's not intended to be all inclusive and could occasionally include candidates that aren't KAG/America First. Make sure to research candidates yourself before endorsing, supporting and especially voting.

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Candidates: Please submit updates via the Candidate Update Process
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