KAGInfo.org - Candidate Update Process

We're here to help Americans learn about you. Thank you for helping keep KAGInfo.org data complete/accurate. Our goal is to make the submission/update process as secure and efficient as possible.

The "Pledge" column is intended to include links that communicate your platform/stance. Here I am and here's what I'm about. We need to know about you. A KAG Pledge is desired, but is just one possibility; any linked content should be possible. Have a YouTube or Facebook video? Periscope?

If you'd like to submit an update to (or removal of) candidate data, please use the following steps:

Step 1: Send an email to kaginfo.org@gmail.com
Subject: Candidate Update Request
Body: Email: <email address>
No other information is necessary in this communication.
Note: This address must be under the campaign's domain, identified on the campaign webiste or listed under a reputable campaign information source. If not, we'll reach out to the main campaign email contact for confirmation.
Step 2: We'll send an email containing a "submission code" to use in the update submission.
Please be patient, every effort will be made to get submission codes out within a day, but KAGInfo.org is a volunteer staffed effort.
Step 3: Within a week of submission code receipt, send desired update information in an email to kaginfo.org@gmail.com
Please include the submission code in the message body.

Submission codes are being utilized to help make sure candidate information is received from someone with access to a campaign mailbox. Only email threads initiated by KAGInfo.org to an identifed campaign email address, including a valid submission code, will be considered valid campaign communications.

Please email: kaginfo.org@gmail.com