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Our mission is to gather resources that will help you discover and support KAG/America First candidates.

KAGInfo.org is in its infancy. Over time, we expect to include numerous types of resources/content.
Please check back occasionally to see what's new.
Recent Site Enhancements
You'll likely see our new versioning, making sure you're always working with the latest version of each page. Pages now check their version, while loading. If a locally cached copy is loaded and a different version is available on KAGInfo.org, the page will ask you to update.

We've also improved the Candidate Media functionality. Previously, we were limted to two Media URLs per candidate. Now, the link launches a Candidate Media page. Each candidate can supply any number of articles, videos, podcasts. For a good sample, click the Media link for CA 25 Mike Garcia.
Candidates, Please consider taking advantage of this functionality!

Outage Update
The morning of 11/9, we found that the service hosting KAGInfo.org had gone down. It appears they may be down permanently. After receiving no notifications or responses to support inquiries, we researched and moved to a new hosting service. We were back up the evening of 11/10. The only lingering issue is that we've been unable to retrieve emails. All emails, to and from info@kaginfo.org, are likely permananetly lost. To avoid this issue in the future, you'll notice that we've updated the email address on the site.
KAGInfo.org Policies
KAGInfo.org data collection, distribution and operating policies.
KAGInfo.org/RedAwaken2020 Candidate Information
Researching, supporting and voting for KAG/America First candidates is the only way to drain the legislative swamp. The KAG/RedAwaken2020 Candidates page is a great starting point.
KAG/America First Pledge
We want to know about you. Transparency is crucial. We need to know where you stand.
Election Integrity
#ElectionIntegrity isn't a partisan issue, it's core to proper functioning of our Republic and every American should be concerned.
Reference/Research Links
Senate.gov: Directory
  Roll Call Votes
House.gov: Directory
  Roll Call Votes
FEC.gov: Home
   National Association of Secretaries of State
   Voting information, including a polling place locator
   Detailed candidate information
   Election and incumbent information
   Campaign finance information

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