KAGInfo.org - Candidate Update Process
KAGInfo.org - Candidates - Candidate Update Process

We're here to help Americans learn about you. Thank you for helping keep KAGInfo.org data complete/accurate. Our goal is to make the submission/update process as secure and efficient as possible.

The "Pledge" column is intended to include links that communicate your platform/stance. Here I am and here's what I'm about. We need to know about you. A KAG Pledge is desired, but is just one possibility; any linked content should be possible. Have a YouTube or Facebook video? Periscope?

If you'd like to submit an update to (or removal of) candidate data, please use the following steps:

Step 1: Send an email to kaginfo.org@gmail.com
Subject: Candidate Update Request
Body: Email: <email address>
Note: This address must be under the campaign's domain
No other information is necessary in this communication.
Step 2: We'll send an email containing a "submission code" to use in the update submission.
Please be patient, every effort will be made to get submission codes out within a day, but KAGInfo.org is a volunteer staffed effort.
Step 3: Within a week of submission code receipt, send desired update information in an email to kaginfo.org@gmail.com
Please include the submission code in the message body.

Submission codes are being utilized to help make sure update content is received from someone with access to the identified campaign mailbox. Only email threads initiated by KAGInfo.org to the campaign domain or from the campaign domain, including a valid submission code will be utilized for campaign communications.

Please email: kaginfo.org@gmail.com